The Rojava revolution in Syria proposes a democratic alternative in a region that is struck by totalitarian governments, dystopian and sectarian politics and exploited by the imperialist powers. The people of Rojava region have proven that another future in the Middle East is possible; a future that is imagined and built by the people who are the most marginalized and oppressed throughout their history.

Inspired by the Chiapas Media Project (a project of video production in collaboration with autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas), the Rojava Media Project (RMP) started in May 2014 as a media production and training project for the young people in Rojava. RMP aims to empower the young men and women of Rojava to write, document, and film their stories of resistance by providing media production equipments and training. This project attempts to enable the most marginalized people in Rojava to produce different forms of media production and especially documentary filmmaking and publish them around the world. 

​The main purpose of us is to document the everyday struggle from the people’s own perspective and to shed light on the many aspects of the people’s resistance in the autonomous region of Rojava. This project also aims to introduce and publish all the produced videos, photo series, and other artworks in the international arena through special events, film festivals, and exhibitions to raise awareness about the revolution in Rojava.