The Democratic Cultural Movement in Rojava, called by its Kurdish acronym TEV-ÇAND, is the umbrella organization of the cultural centres in Rojava (Syria). TEV-ÇAND is the primary endorser of Rojava Media Project (RMP). The media production training program by RMP was in collaboration with Mihemed Şexo culture and art centre in Qamishlo, which is the main cultural centre of TEV-ÇAND.

Anatolian Cultural Foundation, ACF

Anatolian Cultural Foundation is a charity organization based in Toronto that is focused on humanitarian help and educational programs in the Middle East. ACF is the main sponsor of Rojava Media Project.

Sponsors and Endorsers

Masood Manaf

Project Assistant

Masood Manaf is a student in peace and conflict studies in Global Political Studies at Malmö University and a journalist based in Malmö, Sweden. Masood joined Rojava Media Project to share his knowledge and skills in journalism and media production with young students in Rojava through this project.

Sardar Saadi

Project Coordinator

Sardar Saadi is a PhD student in social-cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto and an activist based in Toronto, Canada. He started Rojava Media Project with the hope that media production skills would empower the youth in Rojava (Syria) to document their everyday stories of resistance and revolution in this region.